DISCIPLE Chapter 1: Training Day
  DISCIPLE Chapter 2: Grease Monkey
DISCIPLE Chapter 4: High Stakes DISCIPLE Chapter 5: Rapid Response DISCIPLE Chapter 6: Saboteur - Coming Soon!

Welcome to my first dio-story, titled, Disciple. After a LONG hiatus, I'm back hooked on making dios. I hope to get them out more frequently now. It might happen more often if people really like them. Nothing motivates Dio-Authors like an enthusiastic audience. :) I'll be adding a wallpapers section, where I'll convert some of your favorite shots into multiple sizes for wallpapers. You can with requests if you're interested. I'm also very interested in constructive criticism and feeback. I'd like to know what you think of the story, humor and characterization.

Later I plan to add a "How-to" section for photo tips I rememeber from college (I majored in Photojournalism, which is not much use in my real job, but comes in handy for my hobby :) - Hammerfel

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